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Rock Hammer Demolition operates some of the most high-tech concrete cutting and demolition equipment in Southern California.

35 years Experience

Over 35 years of experience. Our technicians solve problems from traffic concerns to sound, dust and disposal. Call Rock Hammer Demolition, your local construction problem solver and get the job done right.

Project scope

Structural, site and concrete demolition. We have the right equipment and knowledge base to get you project done safely, quickly and efficiently!

24 Hour Support

All day, every day. Rock Hammer Demolition is available ’round the clock.


Rock Hammer Demolition has been servicing southern California since 2000. We have stood the test of time by offering our clients professional service they can lean on. We run 365 days a year 24 hours a day; we are there when you need us.


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We have an excellent track record with the California State Licensing Board with zero complaints over the long eighteen year span that we have been in business. In addition, we have never had a worker’s comp claim or have had to utilize our general liability insurance. In short, safety is as high a priority as is giving our clients the best possible service. While many companies have come and gone Rock Hammer Demolition has stood the test of time for one reason and one reason alone. We have always maintained excellent relationships with our general contracting partners and residential clients. When working with Rock Hammer Demolition if there is ever a problem, rest assured we will do all we can to ensure you are satisfied with all of our services. Rock Hammer Demolition believes in sustainable development. Our motto is “REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE“. Rock Hammer Demolition has created a business that focuses on that motto. Rock Hammer Demolition recycles all construction debris reducing the demolition environmental impact. Call Rock Hammer Demolition for all your demolition and concrete needs.